Hélène St-Jean is originally from the Kamouraska region and has lived in Estrie, Montérégie and in Central Quebec before settling in Montreal. After having worked for a few years in the artistic field, she chooses to return to school to study education. Hélène has always been interested in visual arts, design, and interior decoration, so once her career as a teacher is established she begins painting as a pastime. This hobby quickly becomes her passion.  The interest shown by Helene’s entourage in her creations encourages her to invest even more towards her chosen branch of the arts.

Hélène is self-taught. It is through research for media, explored techniques and assiduous practice that she develops a style of her own. In painting her mainly abstract canvases, she is inspired as much by urban life as by the great spaces to which she retreats as often as possible. She enjoys the shores and mountains of Bas-Saint-Laurent, Charlevoix and the Gaspé Peninsula. Every time she handles her spatula and various mediums she is mindful of the discoveries, experiences and impressions gathered from her travels. Human relationships and their complexity are also central to her. Hélène shares a passion for photography with her partner. They work together regularly travelling to various parts of the country, and the images that emerge reward and fuel her creativity.

The style that infuses Hélène’s works is the result of three steps that she follows every time when painting. These steps create a common thread throughout her work. First, she creates movement, texturing the canvas, using relief paste and different gels (matt, shiny, sand, etc.). For the second step she chooses from a wide range of coloured inks to perform what is called the stained-glass technique on canvas. Some media are designed to react to others. By controlling them, it is possible to achieve spectacular textures and effects of shadow, light and transparency of the most original kinds. Finally, Hélène brings out details and emphasizes certain lines in order to accentuate the fluidity, movement and various reliefs of the work. In all her paintings, she seeks to establish a balanced composition that captures the eye and maintains the attention of the beholder.

It is Hélène’s hope that her paintings will add a contemporary style and ambiance to living spaces (houses, lofts, chalets, etc.) as well as to commercial venues (hotels, restaurants, businesses, etc.). Her wish is that everyone looking at her works will experience the same harmonious and positive feelings as she does when she creates them. Hélène’s works are elegant, timeless and unique.